"Two are Better than One" Ecclesiastes 4:9 

Transforming Culture through Kingdom Minded Leadership and Innovative Solutions 



The E49 Foundation Invests, equips and Empowers Kingdom minded Founders and Startups.



Leadership and experienced Leaders sharing their knowledge with others, levels the playing field. Access to Education and Resources is an important part of Social Justice, but as that systems are being rewritten and updated, experienced Leaders provide equitable access to people with experience that can empower and mentor others to succeed.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship empowers people to create solutions and sustainable income putting them in control of their future success. Empowering underserved communities to grow and build their communities to reflect the lives of their neighbors with the support of experienced mentors is rewarding for everyone!

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Community Development

Strengthening Communities, strengthens people. There are many false myths about people who live and work in underserved communities. Community Development builds foundations that empower residents to want and have the access to resources so that they can do more.

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Social Justice

Social justice is the equal access to wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. Social Justice is not social services (though they may be necessary for seasons). Social Justice is fixing systems that discriminate and replacing them with systems that allow equitable access for everyone in a community. 

Social Justice in the Sacramento Region is necessary. 

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Transforming Communities


Annual Report

City Transformation

The E49 Foundation is dedicated to transforming local communities by tackling Interdependent issues with wholistic, sustainable solutions. 

                 "Angel", a formerly homeless friend passed away on the streets of Sacramento.. This needs to change!

                "Angel", a formerly homeless friend passed away on the streets of Sacramento.. This needs to change!


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