Equipping Leaders to be empowered is one of the most important components of the e49 Foundation. Because we believe in our Community and the people in it, we are excited to insure that our Community Leaders are equipped and supported well through equipping, community and activation opportunities. 

The School of Innovation & Creativity is designed to equip and activate leaders in the City. The School of Innovation and Creativity operates in a cohort helping Leaders get equipped and activated into their calling into the Region or Nations. But often, when idea’s turn into action Leaders find themselves isolated and alone as they activate. The City Leaders Hub is designed to continue to connect Leaders as they walk out their journey through both virtual and in-person opportunities.

Schools of Leadership and Creativity are held monthly by request at Churches, as well as, at the e49 Hub. The following is the current schedule;

April 2019 TBD $119/person Real Life Church Natomas Register Here:

The School of Innovation and Creativity is an 8-week launch pad that focuses on Identity, Prophetic Activation, Innovation and Ministry

1.Identity - Coaches participants through assessments to heal and discover/confirm identity.

2.Prophetic Activation –Participants get an opportunity to understand their ability to hear from God and activate what they hear in their sphere of influence 

3.Innovation –Participants are encouraged to ask God for solutions that don’t fit the existing “box” we’ve been in. Is there a new wine skin?

4.Ministry –Participants are challenged to extend their unique call to Innovation into the City.

5.Pitch Presentation  - Every cohort will pitch their ideas