Business and Entrepreneurship


The e49 Hub is a Kingdom Innovation Hub and is focused on building communities of innovators and change agents focused on local communities.

"Our unique environment and purpose-oriented mission creates a Sacramento social impact "culture" like no other. Connect with other like-minded individuals to find collaborative, innovative, and impactful solutions to social issues. At The E49 Hub for City Transformation we are focused on unleashing innovative entrepreneurs of faith, women, urban and social entrepreneurs all working together to solve social issues in our community."


The e49 Foundation’s focus on helping Local Businesses through Business Incubation and Acceleration for both startups and existing entities. We specialize in working with Local Entrepreneurs from a variety of cultures, neighborhoods, socioeconomic status, ages and faiths who care about making a difference in their community through their businesses.

We believe that whether you are a nonprofit, socially conscious business, church, or government entity focused on civic engagement, formalizing social enterprise and nonprofit structures is an important step to blending compassion and sustainability. 

If you are a Business Leader, Owner or Startup looking to make an impact in your community, we offer several workshops to help you get connected, build and grow your nonprofit or business, and collaborative or accelerate existing teams within existing organizations.