Business and Entrepreneurship


Equipping Leaders to be empowered is one of the most important components of the e49 Foundation. Because we believe in our Community and the people in it, we are excited to insure that our Community Leaders are equipped and supported well through equipping, community and activation opportunities. 

The School of Innovation & Creativity and the City Leaders Hub are designed to equip and activate leaders in the City. The School of Innovation and Creativity operates in a cohort helping Leaders get equipped and activated into their calling into the Region or Nations. But often, when idea’s turn into action Leaders find themselves isolated and alone as they activate. The City Leaders Hub is designed to continue to connect Leaders as they walk out their journey through both virtual and in-person opportunities.

The Innovation Fund is designed to give Leaders a place to invest designated funds around Innovative and Creative Strategies in the Region. In school cohorts, Leaders will get an opportunity to create and develop a strategy collectively and commit designated funds for those strategies


•The e49 Hubs are both physical and virtual hubs designed to connect and support Leaders for the purpose of and as they activate into the City.  

•Physical Hubs are cohorts of no more than 12 focused on spheres of influence and activation. Hubs are encouraged to meet weekly for best outcomes and support for members.

•Virtual Hubs are designed to bring all of the physical hubs together on social media platforms to share what God is doing in their respective City, share best practices and offer ongoing community support. (Free while in School of Innovation and Creativity then $20 month)