Social Justice


Social Justice issues in the Sacramento Region effect everyone in the community. The Sacramento Urban Core faces 87% poverty rates amongst families in the SCUSD and Twin Rivers School Districts, is in the top 5 Cities for Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking, is over 60,000 housing units shy of meeting the needs in our Region.

The good news is we are experiencing an Innovation and Economic growth phase! We are the 2nd most diverse City in the Nation and we have an incredibly talented and diverse community of people. If we work together, we can insure growth and success for everyone who wants it in our community!


Social Justice Initiatives

Compassion Village

The Reentry Coalition

The E49 Hub

The Racial Reconciliation Alliance

 Residents sharing meals and building community...

Residents sharing meals and building community...


St. Paul's COGIC  Pastor Larry Joyner exemplifies leaders from the community getting involved to give a hand up.