“We dream of a day when homelessness has an answer, where there are no more kids in foster care, where sexual exploitation and broken relationships are replaced with loving, Christ-centered marriages, where poverty is a choice, where every school has a church caring for it, where racism is overwhelmed by love, where Christians are seen as the answer, not the problem and God is worshiped openly in the public again”

The Beginning

We started in 2009 by connecting with leaders in the region and building relationships through networks and service projects like Convoy of Hope and Luis Palau’s Season of Service. Those connections and service opportunities then provided trust and a platform to begin to dream bigger for our region. In 2012 we began working on a Faith Based Initiative with Sacramento City Unified School District and in 2013 partnered for our fist collaborative “Day of Hope” at American Legion High School and Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary School.



2013-2014 we worked with leaders from church, nonprofit, business and civic organizations to strategize on an initiatives that would provide a foundation for transformation. Suite 210 was opened in 2013 for co-working, business incubation and social enterprise. And in 2017, all of the parts came together into the two main initiatives we will focus on for the next three years: Compassion Village and The e49 Hub

Compassion Village and the E49 CITY HUBS and Investment Funds

2019 we’ve settled into Compassion Village and the E49 City Hubs and Schools. The Schools of City Leadership, Business, Reconciliation and Ministry are designed to equip Leaders and the Community while building relationships and having ongoing connection through the City Leadership, Business, Reconciliation and Ministry Virtual Hubs. Each School is also activated into ministry in the Region through Compassion Villages and Enterprises. And finally, we are focusing on three funds for the Region to invest in, The Innovation Fund, The Reconciliation Fund focused on Women and Racial Reconciliation and Designated Ministry Funds for Ministry Strategies like Compassion Village and City Worship.