School of Ministry

The Schools of Ministry and Worship and the City Ministry and Worship Hubs are designed to equip and activate leaders in the City in the area’s of Worship and the Arts. The School of Worship helps equip people with best practices on how to start, execute, fund and sustain a Ministry Mercy, Worship or the Art. The City Ministry and Worship Hubs are designed to continue to connect people in Ministry, Worship and the Arts as they walk out their journey through both virtual and in-person opportunities..



The e49 Foundation School of Ministry is designed to equip you to understand your calling into Ministry, whether it’s as a nonprofit, worship, Pastor or Missionary, and discover new ways to engage at a deeper level. To Register for a School of Ministry:

Schools of Business are held monthly by request at Churches, as well as, at the e49 Hub. The following is the current schedule;

March 15, 2019 9a.m. -4p.m. $119/person The e49 Hub 2830 G Street, #210 Register here:

April 2019 TBD $119/person Real Life Church Natomas Register Here

activation - The city Ministry Hub

The City Ministry Hub is designed to continue to connect people in Ministry as they walk out their journey, to both each other and to opportunities in the Region to engage. Following completion of the School of Ministry, graduates are invited to join the City Ministry Hub and engage with like-minded Ministry people and Creatives to share idea’s, strategies and best practices.

Investing - Current Ministry funds - Compassion Village, City Worship

These Ministry funds are set aside for Ministry, Worship and the Arts Strategies and Initiatives developed collaboratively by Leaders in the Region. Have you ever said to yourself, why doesn’t someone do this…to end Homelessness. The difficulty is that to have a focused strategy takes funding and many times, nonprofit organizations have to adjust their vision to funding requirements, often having to sacrifice measurable initiatives for just the portion they can get funded. This fund is designed to allow churches to work with community organizations to design a solution based strategy and fund it through a grant process allowing you, your family or your organization to market the results you get through your investments and see measurable change in our community! Contact us here to discuss more.