Success Stories

Our people are our success!


1. Compassion Village Del Paso


Pastor Dan Axtell recounts his story of Compassion Village. Over the last three years, I kept looking at more and more people experiencing Homelessness. When I asked God what he wanted me to do, He said I wanted you to build houses. I couldn't understand how I was going to build enough houses to make a difference until He showed me Tiny Homes. I went to Tammy from E49 and said "God said we need to build Tiny Homes". February 2017, we called our first meeting and we have not have our first site up and running with 5 residents and another 15 Tiny Homes being build by churches. Pastor Dan says when we get on board with what God wants to do instead of our own plans, it's a beautiful thing.

Thank you Pastor Dan Axtell for listening and being obedient to the Call!

“When the people of God, under the Rule of God, manifest the Peace of God, God's Kingdom prevails.”

— Pastor Dan Axtell, Restoration Life Church


2. E49 City Transformaiton Hub


In 2009 when God called Tammy Vallejo to start E49 Corporation, I received a prophetic word regarding the calling. Part of that calling was that E49 would be a Hub in the community both virtually and physically in a commercial building. 

Tammy says, "Over the next 4 years I looked at every building in East Sacramento and downtown that was listed for sale or for lease.  In April 2013, I received an email to come to a marketplace ministry kickoff for a group called Pinnacle Forum. The meeting was at a place right around the street from my home. As I arrived, I was welcomed with a group of around 20 men and the owner of the building, Chuck Bryant. I listened to what Chuck had to say about the ministry and then as he closed, he pointed out the signs on the building marked “2:10”. He explained that it referenced the Bible verse, Ephesians 2:10 which says “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  

He then went on to say that God had told him to leave the building open for ministries to work together and went on to explain it exactly how God had given it to me regarding E49. He admitted he didn’t know how that was going to happen but that he was being obedient.

So as I sat in that meeting, I knew this was God. As Chuck ended the meeting, I was so overwhelmed that I wanted to cry. I silently prayed, “Lord, if that was for me, please have him call me”. I confessed that I needed an extra dose of confirmation to be sure.  Several days later, he called. He said, “What did you think of the meeting?”  I said Pinnacle Forum sounds great but about that building…” Two weeks later, after I shared my testimony with him and a copy of the business plan I had written in 2009, we signed the lease and started work on Suite 210. We had our official open in September 2013.

Now the 210 Impact Hub, is part cowering space, business incubator and a location for multiple Social Enterprises to start and grow.

Thank you Tammy Vallejo for answering the Call!


3. Wesley Art


In September 2017 when we started accepting residents into the first Compassion Village site, we quickly started to get to know "Wesley" and "Brad". Both of these men were chronically homelessness and were excited to be welcomed into a Tiny Home. As they got settled, we learned more about them and started discovering their strengths and passions. Wesley is an artist. He draws beautiful landscapes. He provided is first landscape to a fundraiser for the Village this week and it was well received. 

Brad loves to keep the Village clean and clutter free! So he uses his talents to keep the Village looking great. He hopes one day to return to the paint trades and start his own business. 


Thank you Wesley and Brad for answering the Call!