Women’s Fund

We believe God has an amazing plan for women. This fund is focused on women inspired and social justice strategies focused on empowering women! Please contact us to discuss your ideas and/or you investment into this fund here.

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Equipping women with Biblical Truth

God has designed women to respond and love God in our own way. Equipping women with God's Word and equipping them to hear Gods voice and Interpret His Word is foundation to growth. 


Invest in Social JUStICE Initiatives designed to empower women

Many of society's most oppressive issues are brought onto women; Sex Trafficking, Poverty, Education, Abortion, #Metoo are a few. We need solutions to these and more!


REconciliation - Equipping

We hear from women who are starving for training in how to share Gods Word through Pastoring, Evangelism, Prophetic Words, Teaching and Apostleship. This training is so empowering!


reconciliation - Media, Publishing, Speaking

We want to provide opportunities for women to speak, teach and find their identity so that they can be empowered and have access to better access to opportunities and financial stability. 


reconciliation - Empowerment

We want Women to feel supported and support other Women through Mentoring and Coaching. When we know we have people who are on our side, no matter what, we can do anything!