The Creator’s Place @ The Artisan

We are a shared space incubator for compassion and social impact startups, innovators and change agents focused on empowering and mobilizing entrepreneurs to grow their businesses AND make a difference.

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The Lab/Co-Working

The Creator’s Place Lab is the place for experimentation and creativity to blossom! Memberships are $100 per month and allow entrepreneurs to be around other entrepreneurs who are getting started. The Lab provides shared workspace, coffee and a venue to attend and host workshops where entrepreneurs can share best practices and skills.

The e49 Foundation’s focus on incubating Local Startups comes from an understanding that most ideas fail because of lack of knowledge, resources and/or opportunity. The Lab/co-working space is designed to help bridge these gaps and help entrepreneurs see their ideas come to fruition! Additionally, once the incubation phase is ready to turn into launch, we are partnered with With Purpose, Inc. and Compassion Enterprises, Inc. to move you into and accelerate the for-profit phases of your business.

We believe that whether you are a nonprofit, socially conscious business, church, or government entity focused on civic engagement, formalizing social enterprise and nonprofit structures is an important step to blending compassion and sustainability. 

If you are a Business Leader, Owner or Startup looking to make an impact in your community, we offer several workshops to help you get connected, build and grow your nonprofit or business, and collaborative or accelerate existing teams within existing organizations.


The Studio/Theatre

The Studio is in the startup phases and focuses on providing a studio for speakers, performers and producers to create, develop and produce media content. The Studio is a 90-person black box theatre that is focused on producing content for all varieties of startups as well as providing a venue for those startups to test their product and services as they develop and launch their business.


The Cafe/Marketplace and Event Space

The Marketplace, Cafe and Event Venue give you the place to test your product or service. The Marketplace hosts artisan products and goods. The Cafe partners with wholesale vendors to brand or co-brand your food creations. The Event Venue partners with your event planning/coordination, catering, media, music, theatre or corporate event businesses to provide a one-stop shop to host awesome events and accelerate your opportunities and business!